Bike tour in Tichá and Kôprová valley

turistika v Tatrách Tichá and Kôprová valley on the bike oblaky siva Temné smrečiny, Kriváň, limby

Bike tour in Tichá and Kôprová valley

The wildest part of Tatras on two wheels.

From the bicycle seats, we will discover one of the last wilderness in Europe- Tichá and Kôprova valley. The place where still live bears, wolves or lynx. We will see a forest with 800 years old limb pines (Pinus Cembra), if we are lucky we might meet wild animals.


If you decide for a classic bike, you will conquer 40km with altitude difference 650m. Difficulty: 2/5.


You will discover Tatra valleys unusually, from the bicycle seat.

Beautiful scenery

The view to majestic peak Kriváň, Kmeťov waterfall- the largest in Tatras, but also the lake and valley Temné Smrečiny.


What you can experience


Meeting at Podbanské, introduction and presentation of the day plan.

During the day

We will bicycle into Kôprová valley, hidden under peak Kriváň. We will visit Kmeťov waterfall and discover a forest left for self-restoration where we will learn something about the local ecosystem. We will take a rest form cycling and we will walk to Temné smrečiny (Dark forest) and its lake.

At the end

We will have a look also to Tichá valley, bigger sister of Kôprová.

To the heart of the Tatras

Tatras from the other angle

bicycling, hiking, wild nature


waterfalls, wildlife, adventure

  • One day bicycle tour

  • From 75 €
    Price for 1 person, by min. 2 persons
  • Guide service
  • Posibility to rent a bike
  • Possibility of transport

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We are pleased to fulfill your travelling dreams.

Do you think this is the right for you? Good choice. Tichá and Kôprová valley, accessible wilderness that will impress you!

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