Tatras in 5 days

tatranská príroda The best of Tatras Západné ,Vysoké, Belianske oblaky siva 5 days in the mountains

Tatra National park

The tallest European high mountains

We will spend 5 days in the heart of Tatra Mountains. 2 peaks, several untouched valleys, night at the mountain hut and further more. From the bicycle seats, we will discover one of the last wilderness in Europe, the home of bears, wolves, lynx or 800 years old limb pine.


Tatra peaks, mountain huts, deep valleys, short bicycle tour.


A trip for hiking and mountains lovers. Difficulty: 4/5.

The best views

The view from Tatra peak, colorful lakes, or waterfalls? You will enjoy a beautiful scenery of Carpathian nature on every step.


What you can experience

Day 1

Hike in Western Tatras, through the alpine meadows we will get to a limestone peak Sivý vrch. Descent by a deep Jalovec valley.

Day 2

Hike to a national Slovak symbol- peak Kriváň (2494 m). Few steps aside from the path we will discover former gold mines from the 15th century.

Day 3

Bike tour in the heart of European wilderness in the shadow of Kriváň: Tichá and Kôprová valley with the highest Slovak waterfall and the most valuable primeval forests.

Day 4

Short hike to Zelené pleso lake and Brnčalova hut, overnight just under the highest wall in Tatras.

Day 5

Hike from the Brnčalova hut through the blossoming meadows of Belianske Tatry and Kopské pass to Tatranská Javorina.

The points of interest

Discover Tatras with us

peaks, hikes, wild nature, mountain huts


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