The night at Tatra mountain hut

večer na horskej chate Sunset at the mountain hut Silence, stars, tasty food

The night under the Tatra peaks

Silence, peace, freedom..

With the coming afternoon, we will head to Tatra valleys, accompanying by the last sun rays. We will spend the night at one of the mountain huts, hugged by the peaks higher than 2500m. We will enjoy breakfast with sunrise directly from the terrace of the hut.


Hike to a Tatra hut, one day hike up, another down.


From families with children to more experienced hikers. We will fulfill the aim of everybody. Difficulty: 2-5

Sunset and sunrise

The view from the Tatra valley to majestic peaks, colorful lakes, or night sky? You will experience unforgettable atmosphere everywhere.

Our offer

The choice is up to you

The choice of mountain hut

If you like to sleep over the clouds, the mountain leader will take you to a mountain hut located high in the mountains with beautiful landscape. We will choose the hut according to your or groups preferences.
Difficulty 2-5.

1.day afternoon

We will meet in the afternoon, start a calm hike to a mountain hut, where you will enjoy the sunset, local dinner, relax and night sky. The guide will tell you many interesting stories, for example that the food for your diiner and breakfast has been carried up on the backs of sherpas.

2. day morning

If you are not lazy to wake up early, you can´t miss a sunrise just from the terrace of the hut. Than breakfast, a walk around the lake, and hike down back to the valley will finish our trip.

It is your choice at which hut you will spend the night

Enjoy the night under the stars

Atmosphere of the Tatra mountains


Night at the hut, Tatras, hiking, local food

  • 2-days hike with overnight at the mountain hut

  • from 150 €
    Price for 1 person by the group of 2-6 persons
  • Included accommodation at the mountain hut
  • Possibility of individual hike from 300 €
  • Guide service
  • Possibility of transport

Hve you chosen?

We are pleased to fulfill your travelling dreams.

Do you think this is the right for you? Good choice. The night at mountain hut in the hug of Tatra peaks has a charm that is hard to describe. You have to experience it!

You can contact us by email or phone.

We will prepare the holiday according to your expectations and come back to you with the offer.

Don´t forget to add the date, number of persons, and the demand for transport or accommodation.


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