Silver town Banská Štiavnica and Sklené Teplice Spa

Banská Štiavnica silver. mining, spa oblaky siva

Banská Štiavnica

town with fascinating history

Banská Štiavnica used to be one of the most important towns n the Medieval Europe, the Europe’s Eldorado, the richest gold and silver deposit. It was called “Silver Town”. The treasures hidden underground were used for the palaces in Vienna and Budapest and the town itself was the third biggest one in the Kingdom of Hungary. Banská Štiavnica had a top education and science, alchemy and Freemasons. Here was the place where gunpowder was used for blasting rocks for the first time in human history. The first technical university in the world – the famous Mining Academy was established here. One of the most sophisticated hydro-power systems was also developed in Banská Štiavnica: artificial water reservoirs called tajchy.

Travel in time

Discover historical streets, ,,tajchy" and underground mines of UNESCO Banská Štiavnica.


After a city tour we will relax in a thermal water, unique natural cave bath Sklené Teplice. We will enjoy a tea in historical tearoom ,,Klopačka".

The best views

Beautiful scenery to a town in the middle of immense caldera from ancient volcano, Štiavnica Calvary, Old and New castle and surrounded Štiavnica mountains.


What you can experience

Transfer to Banská Štiavnica

In the morning, transfer by minivan to Banská Štiavnica. Brief overview about the Slovak mining towns and history.

During a day

We will visit Banská Štiavnica, its historric streets, calvary, mining museum and water reservoir ,,tajchy".

At the end

We will visit unique spa Sklené Teplice, we will relax in thermal cave bath ,,parenica".
Transfer back.

Banská Štiavnica

Winter in Slovakia

Snow-capped mountains, wellness, culture, traditions


history, romantic streets, relax

  • A day trip to Banská Štiavnica

  • 75 €
    Price for 1 person by the group of 4-8 persons
  • Transport
  • Entrance to Spa Sklené Teplice
  • Guide service

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