Veľká Fatra mountain ridge

koliba vo Veľkej fatre Veľká Fatra national park mountains, forests, rocks oblaky siva

Veľká Fatra mountain ridge

Across the alpine meadows, nature reserves, mountain settlements.

During 3 days, we will get through the whole national park Veľká Fatra. We will see typical mountain settlements, man-made alpine meadows, with the grazing cattle, but also preserved nature reserves. If you are brave, you can spend the night under she sky, or choose a comfort of mountain hut. At the end, by descending from the mountain ridge, we will have a walk through a folk village Vkolínec (UNESCO).


We will conquer part of the ridge and several peaks of Veľká Fatra.


The hike offers something for mountains and hiking lovers, and also for those who like to discover nature, its flora and fauna. Moderate difficulty: 3/5

Beautiful views

The ridge of Veľká Fatra is crossed by hiking trails from 3 sides- Liptov, Turiec and Banská Bystrica. Therefore there are amazing views to surrouding mountains- Low Tatras, Malá Fatra, Western Tatras.


What you can experience

Day 1

We will start at typical coal settlement Horný Jelenec. Through the woods and meadows, we will get to the peak Krížna, with beautiful panoramic view. We will spend a night at the mountain hut Kráľova Studňa or outside in sleeping bag under the sky.

Day 2

Crossing the ridge of Veľká Fatra through the highest peak Ostredok, visit of nature reserves (Suchý vrch, Čierny kameň, Skalná Alpa). Example of the typical mountain grazing of the cattle. Overnight at another mountain hut.

Day 3

We continue in the hike, we get through another nature reserve. Descending by the typical mountain village Vlkolínec (UNESCO) back to civilization.

Track of the ridge hike

Veľká Fatra national park

the queen of meadows, deep woods, and rock formations


mountains, traditions, culture

  • 3-days hike with overnight at the mountain hut

  • From 169 €
    Price for 1 person by the group of 2-7 persons
  • Indcluded overnight at the mountain hut
  • Possibility of individual hike
  • Possibility of transport
  • Possibility to rent a tent or sleeping bag
  • Guide service

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