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Active time in the mountains

Many people found charm in the movement on skis in the snow-capped nature. Lightness of the movement at the snow, reaching the top of the mountains, followed by downhill and hot tea at the mountain hut. Once you try skitouring, you will never come to the mountians without the skis in the winter.

For beginners

We will take you on the hike that will fit to your abilities. We will teach you a right technic of uphill and changing the skins. We will show you the complete avalanche equipment and basics of its use and also help and improve your downhill.

For advanced

We will take you on the hike suitable to your preferences and abilities. We will improve the technic of uphill, show you the turns, traverses, use of crampoons and ice axe, as well as the right use of avalanche equipment. For the whole day, we will be your good partner by uphill and downhill.

Technic of skiing

If you want to improve yourself in skiing, we are here for you, from the beginners at ski slopes to skiing in freeride or demanding conditions, culoirs, in the woods. We will show you all tricks of skiing, teach you how to read the snow.

Experts for winter

All you can experience


During a skitouring hike or skiing you will move all your body.


During the whole day you can improve your technic with the experienced instructor. Movement on the skis, traverses, downhill. You will learn new things about equipment. We will focus on every detail.

Time in the nature

You will spend a time in fascinating winter nature. It is up to you and your abilities if you will prefer the calm and piece of Tatra valleys, frozen rivers, mountain huts or ski slopes at any of the ski centers.

We will choose the best place for you.

Movement in the winter nature

Piece, snow, sleeping nature


From our hikes

  • One day on the snow in the mountains

  • From 59 €
    Price for 1 person by the group 2-4 persons
  • Individual hike from 119 €
  • guide service included

Have you chosen?

We are pleased to fulfill your travelling dreams.

Do you think this is the right for you? Good choice. Winter holiday on skis in Slovakia will be unforgettable.

You can contact us by email or phone.

We will prepare the holiday according to your expectations and come back to you with the offer.

Don´t forget to add the date, number of persons, and the demand for transport or accommodation.


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