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A round trip through the fjords, glaciers and plateaus

Discover with us a unique country of fjords, majestic cliffs and colorful houses. A country with vibrating nature, a country created by glacier. We will see the most Norwegian town Bergen and majestic Trolltunga. We will bicycle 53km long Rallarvegen from the mountains to fjord, discover the depth of glacier, enjoy the long evenings by midnight sun and much more.

Hiking, Via ferrata, bicycle

A classic hike or Via ferrata to Trolltunga (22km), a hike through national park and glacier Folgefonna (14km), and a bike tour Rallarvegen (53km).

Culture and history

The second largest city in Norway-Bergen, Hardanger region, Rallarvegen and the secret of Bergen railway, the history of Vikings.

The best views

Unforgettable scenery from Trolltunga, Folgefonna glacier, the view to Vøringsfoss waterfall or endless fjords.


What you can experience

Day 1

Arrival to Bergen in the evening hours. Accommodation at the city centre.

Day 2

City tour. A walk through the Hanseatic trading centre Bryggen. By a cableway to Fløyen with the best view of the town, surrounded by mountains and fjord. A lunch at fish market.
In the afternoon we will move to Odda.

Day 3

Hardangerfjord, Trolltunga
A day-hike to Trolltunga, cliff above the Ringedal lake with amazing view (possibility to choose a classic hike or via ferrata). Trolltunga is located in region Hardangerfjord, the 3rd longest fjord. Its steep cliffs are formed from one side by Folgefonna glacier and from the other by Hardangervidda-the largest plateau in Europe.

Classic hike: 22km, altitude difference: 1200m
Via ferrata: 6km bike, 8km via ferrata climbing+hike, a classic trail down 11km

Day 4

2.alternatives: Folgefonna glacier/kayaking, museum and Via-ferrata Tyssedal
1. hike to Folgefonna glacier, overnight at self serving mountain hut Holmaskjera
(7km, altitude difference 1562m)
2. kayaking with the instructor, visit of the museum of hydropower in Tyssedal and a short via ferrata along the tubes of former hydropower
The alternative will be chosen according to your preferences.

Day 5

Hardangervidda, Vøringsfoss
In the case that we choose overnight at the hut, we will hike down to Odda in the morning. In the afternoon, transfer to Geilo through the largest European plateau Hardangervidda, with the stop at one of the most majestic waterfalls Vøringsfoss.

Day 6

Rallarvegen, Flåm
53km cycling trail from Finse to Flåm with beautiful scenery.
This trail was built due to the construction of railway Oslo-Bergen more than 100 years ago. Our cycling trail will lead from Finse-train station in 1222m down to fjord. At the end we will enjoy dinner with the local beer tasting at traditional restaurant.

Day 7

Viking village, Nærøyfjord cruise
Visit of viking village Njardarheim in Gudvangen, from there a round trip cruise through Nærøyfjord (UNESCO), one of the most beautiful and popular fjord areas in Norway, back to Flåm. We will enjoy the fjord view also from the sightseeing point Stegastein.

Day 8

Transfer to Bergen
On the way back to Bergen, we will stop at interesting places. E.g. Stalheim, historical hotel with beautiful scenery to the valley and waterfall Stalheimsfossen.
Flight from Bergen in the evening hours.

The country of fjords, glaciers, waterfalls


fjords, hiking, bike, wildlife


experiences, wildlife, adventure

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The accommodation will be at economy standard, low budget hotels and camping cabins. It might be changed according to your preferences.


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